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Rosemond Grove Cemetary

Abraham Lincoln Statue

Just 3.5 miles west of Pana lies the village of Rosemond, where Civil War Captain Kitchell and his father owned land. He donated acreage around the cemetery to be farmed and the profits used to support the cemetery.


The gate at the entrance was donated by Mary Little Kitchell in memory of her father. The Kitchells are at rest here. Before his death in 1903, Kitchell commissioned the famous artist Charles Mulligan to cast a statue of his leader, Abraham Lincoln. The massive statue of Lincoln rises 18 feet above the highest point of the moraine and is the only known depiction of Lincoln with his hand raised. It was placed in the cemetery on a high round hill, where one could look east and see Pana and look Southeast and see the Illinois prairie and the second-highest point in Illinois, Williamsburg Hill.


Beneath the statue is two canons, the smaller of which, was named and christened by Lincoln himself as the "Mary Lincoln". The canon was built for the men of the Rosemond Militia and was taken to Springfield for Lincoln's blessing

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