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Days Gone By

History of the Pana Hospital

Groundbreaking for the hospital was in May 1913 and was ready to use by May of 1914. By the 1920s the hospital had outgrown itself and the money was raised for additional facilities. The Villa St. John Nurses' Home was completed and opened in May 1923. This was the last addition to the Huber Memorial Hospital until the ground was broken in December 1953 for the erection of a new 42-bed annex. The new structure was 44 x 125 feet, basement and 3 floors to join the old hospital with Villa St. John.


Hubner Memorial Hospital Nurses Home

History of the Pana Coal Mines

At one time, Pana like much of Christian County was a major coal producer. The first Pana mine, the Pana Coal Company Mine No. 1, was opened in 1884.  Penwell-Kitchell Coal Mining Co, Springfield Coal Mining Co, and the Smith-Lohr Coal Company followed.  Between 1928 and 1941 all mines but one were shut down. The original Pana Coal Company Mine operated until 1948.

In 1947, work was started on the Peabody Mine No. 17. By fall of 1950, production was started.  Initialy 5,500 tons a day were produced, and by the middle 50's output was 11,000 tons daily. All the Pana Mines are closed.


Penwell Coal Mine

History of the Big Four & Central Illinois Depot

   The Big Four consisted of Illinois Central built in Pana in 1854, the New York Central in 1855, Baltimore & Ohio in 1869, and the Chicago & Eastern Illinois in 1904.


Historic Kitchell Park


Main Gate


Schuyler Bridge


Above Ground Pool

Historic Downtown


Locust Street


South Locust Street


North On Locust From 3rd Street


Famous Greenhouses


Locust Street


1922 Post Office


Field School

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