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Lincoln Prairie Trail

Lincoln Prairie Bike Trail

The 15 mile Lincoln Prairie Trail begins at the west edge of the City of Pana and follows Route 29 to Taylorville.


The asphalt paved trail opened June 7, 2001, with approximately 500 riders taking part in opening day. The trail is built on an old rail road bed and the four bridges are still intact and have been sided for those who use the trail. One is located just as you leave the City of Taylorville and the next one is hidden just north of the intersection of Route 29 and Lake Taylorville Road. The other two are located near each other about 3 miles north of Pana.


This trail is one of the longest paved trails south of the Chicagoland area and will eventually run well over 45 miles going from Pana to the State Capital in Springfield.  The Lincoln Prairie Trail is expected to bring many guests into the community as visitors who will bike, hike, roller blade, run and "scoot" the old rail bed to view the Illinois prairie plants and wildlife. 

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